{ Leaves Galore }

I made this gift set a while ago for a dear friend of mine from college. As you can tell, he loves leaves, and his last name begins with an "L". I kept everything pretty minimal since, well, he's a guy, LOL. I'm sure he wouldn't be in to fancy border punches, prismas and such. The book on the left is a planner, the one in the middle is a covered composition book, on the right is a spiral-bound blank notebook, in front of that is a matching pen and to the right of that is a decorated short Crystal Light container filled with covered nuggets, which are pictured in the center. He's a teacher by trade so I thought a planner and two notebooks could be put to use somehow! He really loved everything in the set and how coordinated and personalized everything was. That's the thing I love most about stamping - how we can take plain, ordinary things (like your average composition book or even trash - an empty Crystal Light container) and turn them into something treasured and awesome!


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