{Stamping is a Disease!}

This stamping habit is a DISEASE, I tell ya! A DISEASE! "How," "Why," you ask? Well, let me give you a perfect example of what us stampers go through ...

So, I've been keeping you all posted on the details of my room, right? Well, did I happen to mention that it went over budget? Yes, it did! I mean, I still have some old furniture from the "old" room that I am trying to sell on Craigs List that will help defray the cost a bit. AND, I did get 99% of the items in that room either 1) On Craigs List, 2) At discount stores, 3) At a thrift store, or 4) On a VERY good sale. So, I know that although I went over budget, I was still being very budget conscious. But, NO a new room is not enough! Now that it is all organized, I have to buy things to fill the room. lol ... No, I'm serious! Not just organizational stuff, but embellishments, paper, stamps, etc. There is a place for this stuff now, so I need to put things (even if they're new!) in their place! For example, I have a gorgeous and HUGE glass apothecary jar for my buttons. Well, it is only like 1/4 full. So, I tell myself that now I can justify my strong desire for my buttons because I actually have a place to put them now, right? Well, I have really tried restraining myself for a while now. But then, I heard that Oriental Trading is having a promotion for free shipping if you spend $60 (by the way, the code for it is RLS105 :D). WHY did I go look? hhhhmmmmm? What is wrong with me? I KNOW my room is over budget, I KNOW we owed good 'ol Uncle Sam WAY more than we had intended this year, I KNOW that the SU! retirement list is coming out July 1st and I should probably save for that, I KNOW that I just placed a yummy order with Purple Onion Designs, the new purse on it's way to me, I just bought some more ATG gun tape AND am waiting on a catalog trade. I KNOW all these things and yet ... I go look ... I tell myself that I just to see if the stuff I had been eying for a while is still there ... this stuff:

Vintage Buttons
Craft Buttons
Winter Buttons
Pastel Buttons
Bright Buttons
Plus/Minus Brads

(yes, that is nearly 3,000 buttons for those of you paying attention!) And, of course, it all is. So I throw it all in the cart. Oh darn, it doesn't add up to $60. Okay, I tell myself "no" and close the screen. I come back later, and nice people who built the Oriental Trading knew that it was a good idea if they saved my shopping cart for me (what a good sales ploy!). I start looking around some more, ya know, to see what other "good" stuff they have. Of course, I find plenty and my cart quickly adds up to a nice $61.50. Free shipping, here I come! I pull out the credit card and review my order. But then, sanity takes over and I tell myself "no" again and close the website ... again ... and close my wallet. Then, I start to justify the purchases to myself. I just had someone purchase some altered notebooks. I've sent the product, just waiting on the check ... that would cover most of this purchase ... the button jar really does need to be filled, and these buttons are SUCH a good deal ... the brads that look like the tops of screws are PERFECT for my "Power Up" stamp set, and Father's Day is just around the corner ... and I go on and one with some very good arguments. "Okay" I thought, bringing back up the website, throwing open my wallet, whipping out the credit card with a "tah-da!" and review my shopping cart once more ('ol reliable Oriental Trading STILL saved my shopping cart) and quickly place the order before I talk myself out of it again. I'm happy, I smile, and I do a little happy dance inside.

But then ... I remember the over-budget craft room and the yucky taxes that we had to pay, the fact that my rent goes up next month and that the car insurance bill that is due then, too ... and I feel yucky, bad and guilty.

Tomorrow, I'll probably be busy again and not think about any of it until I get my yummy package in the mail (approximately on the 20th), then I'm sure I'll start the "happy then guilty then happy then guilty" cycle all over again.

So, did that answer your question? Now you know why this craft is a disease!

Okay, please, tell me there is someone else out there who feels me on this ... anyone?

{Daily Window}

Do you like it? This is my new bag from Daily Window! This style is called the "Eight Days Tote." Isn't it stylish and classy? I really like it! Wanna know the best part? They gave it to me for free! All I had to do was pay shipping! Yes, it was REALLY free! In this day in age when "free" never really means free, it was such a nice surprise when I received it when it was as great as it seemed and really nice! So nice, in fact, that I went back and ordered 2 more! I ordered this one for both myself and for my Mother-in-Law for Mothers Day:

This one is a bit smaller than the one above, and has a zipper closure (the Eight Days has just a single magnet)! This one is called the "Urban Sport Tote." I plan on putting a card in the front to hopefully boost my card-making "business" (I say business lightly because I have only had 2 orders so far, and they were friends/family!). My Mother-in-Law runs a bridal alteration business so she will put a picture of a bride on the front. I heard some SU! demos say that a Mini Catalog will fit in the window of the Eight Days Tote - so really, this bag is perfect for *any* business. Actually, really, anyone! I can totally see a doting mother or grandmother carrying pictures of her kids or grandkids! My mother, I know would put a picture of her little dog, Pepper, if she had one. Yes, she has a beautiful granddaughter and another one on the way, but her heart belongs to her dog. lol ... Anyway, I just wanted to share my wonderful new find! If you have a chance, you should totally check out their website (linked above). Their products really are great and their customer service is wonderful!

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