{ Pink & Brown Covered Notebooks}

Maybe I'm a bit biased, but aren't these just the cutest things? As I was saying before, I just love to make gifts and gift sets. These are simply covered plain 'ol composition notebooks with matching pens! They don't take long to whip up and are so adorable!

These notebooks were made for a lovely young college student who I'm hoping is using these to take plenty of notes! Sorry for the blurry pictures, I had to snap them real quick before I tied them up with a beautiful bow and had to run out to gift them!


{I Heart Gift Sets}

One thing that I love to make is gift sets. I think it shows that you were really thinking of that person on their birthday (or whatever holiday it happens to be) with everything coordinated and monogrammed. And, they're pretty quick and easy!

This gift set includes a planner, a notebook and 10 cards. I just love how simple all the designs are and yet the fact that everything is so coordinated and matchy-matchy as well as the very nice Papertrey card box makes it look so high-end and as though it took lots of time! Let's not share that all 10 cards were made from random DSPs from my stash nor the fact that Papertreys Monogram set and letters make monogramming everything super quick and fun! ;)

{Simple Sailing}

Masculine cards are always a bit of a challenge for me and I suspect most stampers!
Generally, my rule of thumb for masculine cards is to keep it simple. For embellishments, I only use metal hardware or plain twill tape. Following those rules, this card came together pretty quickly. It was so hard to resist the temptation to add anything more to it! LOL Overall, I was really pleased with it. Maybe I should mass produce some extras leaving the sentiment blank to be added in as I need it. That way, I'll have some masculine cards on hand any time I need them! :)

{ Leaves Galore }

I made this gift set a while ago for a dear friend of mine from college. As you can tell, he loves leaves, and his last name begins with an "L". I kept everything pretty minimal since, well, he's a guy, LOL. I'm sure he wouldn't be in to fancy border punches, prismas and such. The book on the left is a planner, the one in the middle is a covered composition book, on the right is a spiral-bound blank notebook, in front of that is a matching pen and to the right of that is a decorated short Crystal Light container filled with covered nuggets, which are pictured in the center. He's a teacher by trade so I thought a planner and two notebooks could be put to use somehow! He really loved everything in the set and how coordinated and personalized everything was. That's the thing I love most about stamping - how we can take plain, ordinary things (like your average composition book or even trash - an empty Crystal Light container) and turn them into something treasured and awesome!
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