{ Recent Revelation }

I've come to a revelation recently and thought I would interrupt the Fruity OSW showing to share.

Ya know what I have realized? I *LOVE* vintage style sets! It's kinda funny because I really like (and mostly own) clean lined and solid style images. However, now I recognize that I also really like intricate, detailed vintage style stuff! (Especially keys ... don't know why, but I'm really drawn to key images. Weird, huh? Anyone wanna pyschoanalyze that one for me?) I'm like that in my clothes and jewelry too - I see the old fashioned stuff on other people, but I don't really know where to buy it or how to wear it, so I stick to my clean/simple/plain style stuff. (Like Jennifer Love Hewitt and her wardrobe in Ghost Whisperer – love it! If I could afford to buy one of everything she wears in that show, I absolutely would!) So, now I'm thinking I might venture out into the vintage style stamps and work my way up to a vintage wardrobe. It's easier to start with the stamps, I think … well, at least more fun! *wink*

Anyway ... you might be wondering what brought me to this epiphany. Well, through the wonderful (yet terrible-for-my-wallet) people over at Splitcoast, I've recently discovered Purple Onion Designs, Stamp Camp, Stampin' D' Amour and Art Declassified stamps (see the left hand side for links). Most of their stamps have a very vintage feel to them - and I just LOVE them! It's a good thing that my budget is sort of tied up right now, otherwise I would be buying, buying, buying!

*ahem* Hubby, you reading this? Christmas is around the corner you know ... *ahem*


Stampin' D'Amour said...

Clara- many thanks for mentioning www.stampindamour.com in your BLOG!! We are so flattered to have a "blurb in your Blog". Just listed more Vintage/Artsy Stamps this week. :0)


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