{ Out with the Old and In with the New! }

Did you get enough of my sentimentalness (is that a word?) the other day? I gotta tell you, it's only getting worse as I realize that my Tercel is being towed away to be donated tomorrow *sniff*. I know that she will be doing lots of good for our charity of choice, Maryland Public Television, but I'm still sad to see her go.

On the positive side, we finally picked out and purchased a beautiful new car. We decided on a 2007 Honda Civic EX Sedan in Galaxy Grey. She looks just like the one shown below, except ours is a manual transmission and we will be adding fog lights, a moonroof visor, splash guards and door/fenderwell trims.

I have to admit that there is just something about this car ... she is so shiny and roomy, she smells so nice and - dare I say it - she is so sexy! I know that I will continue to miss my sweet trusty little Tercel, but I am looking forward to many new great memories in our sleek and sexy (oh, I said it again!) little Civic! :-D

Oh, and now that this whole car researching/test driving/talking/shopping/negotiating thing is over, I am planning to *finally* getting back into my stamp room! I have a couple of sets that have yet to see ink - which is a sin in my book! I will be getting right on top of that just as soon as I get some sleep to recover from this past week!


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