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Okay, I know that I have been really, really bad and have been ignoring this blog. Things have been a little hectic lately. Nothing in particular is going on, just busy running errands, seeing family/friends, etc. Plus, Hubby and I are on still on Weight Watchers (I've lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks - woo hoo!) and it seems that we are spending more time shopping for the "right" foods and I am definitely spending more time cooking, which is totally a good thing. We used to eat out at least twice a week, but being on the diet makes it less easy to do that. We do occasionally go to Subway or this Japanese place that we like, but other than that we pretty much eat at home. It save us money, keeps of the weight, but doesn't leave me much time or energy for other things. Anyway, I promise to be better. I actually had some time to stamp this past weekend so I will be sharing some of those items with you a little bit later. Right now, I wanted to point out the fact that Stampin' Up! is retiring some (I should say "a lot") of their sets. In the past, they have retired 150-180 sets, but since they will be switching to two catalogs this coming year, they retired 233 sets!!! I have to admit that I am really taking a beating. I'm not at home to officially count how many I have lost, but I can clearly see some of my favorites on the list - Gorgeous Grapes, Mixed Bouquet, Wonderful Words 2 ... oh, I think I need to go home and console them right away! Anyway, for those of you wanting to see the retirement list, just click here. They are sorted both alphabetically and by page. You will also note that there is a dormant list over to the right. These are sets that will not be shown in the next catalog, but will still be available for order. Just let me know if I can help you pick a set or two that you can't live without!


jenny said...

Congrats on losing weight Clara!

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