{ Bad Little Blogger! }

I know, I know, shame on me. I've been a bad little blogger. But, I promise that I have a good reason. I haven't gotten in the stamp room for a while because I've been running around like mad for the past week since we found out that a family member is on her death bed. She is very close to us and we are very sad to see her go. Here is what she looks like:

Don't laugh!!! We really are sad! This is a picture of a car that looks just like mine (minus the sunroof). She is a 1991 Toyota Tercel and is dearly loved. My sister bought this car for my mom back in 1995 or 1996 to force her to learn to drive a manual drive. She taught me to drive when I was 16 and I took her to college with me. She was always super reliable and handles beautifully. We kept thinking for years that she was gonna die and that this would be our last year with her, but she just kept on kicking! We were starting to think that she was invincible! But, on Monday my husband said that she was making some awful noises. A mechanic confirmed that her engine is on it's last legs. To quote my husband "she could blow out a rod at any moment" - when I asked what that meant in "wife" terms, he said that "her engine can die at any moment." Sad, huh? I didn't think that it would effect me all that much since this is about a car, but I have to admit that I'm sadder about this than I ever thought I would be. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not crying or anything, but I do feel a slight pain somewhere inside whenever I think about it.

Anyway, (now that you think I'm a little crazy) since Monday, we've been spending every waking moment researching cars, looking at them, talking about them, and test driving them. It has been a very hard decision. Ick. Especially for us because as you can tell, we keep cars for as long as they are kicking! We want to make sure that we pick a safe, comfortable car that is reliable and well-made. We've narrowed it down a bit, but we're still mostly undecided. We mostly like the Honda Civic, but we're also considering the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Accord and the Hyundai Sonata. Thankfully, Hubby and I work *sorta* close together so we've just been carpooling this week. We're pretty sure we can hold out for another couple of weeks, but I hope that we can make a good, solid, comfortable decision soon. It's been really difficult and we haven't even gotten to the negotiations yet! So, I'm not sure when I'll be getting back into the craftroom, but I sure hope soon. I think a creative session is just what I need to get rid of some of this stress and sadness!


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