{ New Toy }

I got a new toy! And, it's not even a stamping related one! My father surprised me and sent me an iPod Nano! I was very surprised. He sent me a silver one, but I had to take it and exchange it for a red one. Red is, after all, my favorite color! Plus, part of the proceeds go to AIDS research, so it is an all around win-win situation! :D I have to admit that I didn't want one at all, but I am starting to become quite fond of this little thing. I just wasn't into the whole iPod thing, my husband has one and I could use it whenever I wanted, but I just never did. I think the appeal of this new version is the video. I like being able to have pictures on there to whip out and show people. It's mostly filled with pictures of my adorable little niece! Oh, she is just TOO cute!

Anyway, I made an observation when looking at the colors. I mean, I knew that I wanted red, but I had to check the others out too, and you know what? Apple is using SU! colors! Yes! I'm serious. This new model's "red" isn't a true red like the previous one (and I know because my hubby got that one). The previous red Nano was a yummy metallic red. This one is more pinky-purple - it's a dead-on match to SU!'s Purely Pomegranate (so much so that I named it that!)!! Their blue is SU!'s recently retired Cool Caribbean, their green is SU's long retired Mint Melody, and of course, their black is SU! Basic Black and their silver matches SU's Encore Silver ink pad! So, I guess SU! is really keeping up with the times, or are the color fads following SU!? *wink*


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