{ More Luggage Tags }

I had a request to make some name luggage tags like the one that I made for my niece (seen here). Let me tell you, it was so hard to resist the urge to cover the top with ribbons. I just love the look the ribbons add, but I kept reminding myself that I had to keep them masculine.

I made the striped ones on top first. I really wanted something sophisticated and understated. I think these are more grown-up than cute, but I think that's what I like about them - that they're simple.

Anyway, while searching through my HUGE paper stash for good patterns to use, I came across the one used in the jungle ones and thought it would be *perfect* with SU's Wild About You set. And whadda know, I think I was right! The paper is a bunch of fern leaves in different colors/angles. I thought it made good jungle leaves, but my sister and husband thought it looked like camouflage, so I guess either way, it works! I am really happy with how all of these turned out, but I must admit that the jungle ones are my favorite. They're just so whimsical and cute!

Oh, and do you see the oval "ground" stamp under the lion? I read on SCS once that someone (sorry I can't remember who you are to give you credit) took some extra thin rubber off of the foam (mine was left over from my Big Blossom stamp), punched it out with her small oval punch , then mounted it on EZ mount. Quick and CHEAP "ground" stamp! :D Yea! I loved it so much that I did one with my small oval and one with my large oval punches. Now, if you decide to do this, do so at your own risk. I doubt the punches were designed to punch rubber, but I was willing to try it and my results were good, but I can't guarantee that yours will be equally successful. I definitely had to sharpen the punch with some aluminum foil after and lube it up a bit with wax paper. I've thought about doing my scalloped punches, too, but I'm a bit scared. Anyway, I think the small oval was so perfect for this little lion.



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