{ I've Been Scalloped! }

Okay, so over at SCS, everyone has been raving about the scalloped punches from Marvy. Marvy makes ovals, circles, and squares with scalloped edges and they are available in *several* different sizes. The most popular at the moment, and largest, being the "Giga" size. They also make regular, non-scalloped shapes to fit inside the scalloped one. Let me just give you some perspective - these things are so populat that Marvy can't make them fast enough, stores are having to waitlist people. I heard that most places have them backordered for another month - sometimes 2!!!

Anyway, someone posted this afternoon that JoAnns had some in stock, so I rushed over to look at them. I am really only interested in the ovals and circles. I know, I know, I am a square girl, so why not the squares? Well, something about scalloped squares just don't do it for me. Who knows, I could change my mind in a month (or day), but right now, I figured I'd concentrate on the ovals and circles. So, I go to JoAnns, and sure enough, all are in stock. I quickly call my hubby for permission to purchase these (at $20 a pop) and the coordinating centers (at $16 each). Of course, hubby was not impressed with the price. I tried to emphasise the urgency due to the lack of availablity, but he still didn't get it. Well, when I brought it up today that one of them (the Giga Scalloped Circle) is now *completely* out of stock, and if I wanted to get in on the others, I had to act quickly! He did give in, so I was able to get the Giga Scalloped Oval with the Mega Regular Oval (as can be seen here) and the Mega Regular Circle, but not the Giga Scalloped Circle (as can be seen here) since my hubby didn't let me order soon enough!!! Oh well, I have 3 out of 4, I'm happy. Besides, maybe when I finally find the Giga Scalloped Circle, I'll get the Square one to complete my set - and if hubby gives me any grief about it, I might just have to remind him that it's his fault that I didn't get it the first time around! ;-)

***UPDATE*** Nope, no such luck!! JoAnns emailed me on 3/5/07 to let me know that they no longer have the scallops in stock, so I have a Mega Oval and a Mega Circle but no accompanying scallops. *sad, pouty face* Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try again some other time ... I gotta tell ya, the hubby is really gonna hear it now! *wink*


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