{ Happy Birthday Kristen! }

One of my best girlfriends, Kristen, has a birthday on the 8th. I have been putting off making her something but finally sat down Friday to put this together. The set includes:
  1. Decorated tin
  2. 10 cards with envies
  3. Bookmark
  4. Post-it note holder
  5. Little flip notebook
  6. Matching pen
  7. Dividers for her to use in the tin once she empties it

I have to admit that there wasn't much stamping. I used patterned paper from Target to make these. The only SU! items that I used were some punches, embellishments, vanilla paper/envies and a few stamps that were some of the greetings on the cards. The cards were made with what is called a "One Sheet Wonder" (OSW). It is when you stamp all over one sheet of paper and then cut it into various pieces with other solid colors to mix and match to make a set of cards. In this case, I didn't stamp on one sheet, I just used one sheet of already decorated paper. I love doing these and am probably a little too addicted to them. Whenever I need to make a set of cards for someone, I typically do one of these. It goes a little quicker since you don't have to think about 10 different layouts and since you are stamping all over one sheet, it takes out some of the stamping time. The template that I used for this set was designed by LeeAnn Greff and can be found here. There are lots of other templates out there, but so far, hers is the only one that I have used. I like how she has it set up where you can just print straight onto the sheet of paper. This way, I don't have to measure or think - just cut on the lines. I guess I'm just spoiled!

Anyway, back to Friday ... it was so much fun to sit down and work on a project and let the creative mojo take me wherever. I was just crafting away and listening to some music when I looked up and couldn't believe that 4 (yes, FOUR) hours had passed!!! It was so worth it, though. I am really happy with how this turned out and I think (and hope) that she will really like them! I know I did - I almost didn't send them to her! *devilish grin*


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