{Daily Window}

Do you like it? This is my new bag from Daily Window! This style is called the "Eight Days Tote." Isn't it stylish and classy? I really like it! Wanna know the best part? They gave it to me for free! All I had to do was pay shipping! Yes, it was REALLY free! In this day in age when "free" never really means free, it was such a nice surprise when I received it when it was as great as it seemed and really nice! So nice, in fact, that I went back and ordered 2 more! I ordered this one for both myself and for my Mother-in-Law for Mothers Day:

This one is a bit smaller than the one above, and has a zipper closure (the Eight Days has just a single magnet)! This one is called the "Urban Sport Tote." I plan on putting a card in the front to hopefully boost my card-making "business" (I say business lightly because I have only had 2 orders so far, and they were friends/family!). My Mother-in-Law runs a bridal alteration business so she will put a picture of a bride on the front. I heard some SU! demos say that a Mini Catalog will fit in the window of the Eight Days Tote - so really, this bag is perfect for *any* business. Actually, really, anyone! I can totally see a doting mother or grandmother carrying pictures of her kids or grandkids! My mother, I know would put a picture of her little dog, Pepper, if she had one. Yes, she has a beautiful granddaughter and another one on the way, but her heart belongs to her dog. lol ... Anyway, I just wanted to share my wonderful new find! If you have a chance, you should totally check out their website (linked above). Their products really are great and their customer service is wonderful!



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