{ Gift Scrapbook 9 }

I've been totally slacking in the blogging department, huh? I felt so bad that I decided to just go ahead and post the last few pages for your enjoyment! Sorry about the delay, I've totally gotten taken into the holiday craziness! I have been brainstorming/searching for Christmas gifts and planning my Thanksgiving dinner. This is only the second year that I have hosted Thanksgiving and this will be the first year that I will make a turkey myself! The first year I was so intimidated that I purchased a turkey that was already cooked and ready to go. I figured out that to buy a cooked 11 pound turkey would be about $65 or I could by a frozen 10 pound one for a bit over $3 (after a $2 coupon), a roasting pan for $67, a nice digital thermometer for $20 and some string for $4. I figure if I just make one more turkey (or chicken, or whatever), with that the pan, then the pan and thermometer will pay for itself! I'm actually pretty excited because I LOVE turkey. Thanksgiving has always be my favorite holiday. You don't have to worry about gifts or a lot of decorations or dressing really nice - it's just food, family, friends, comfy (loose!) clothing and good conversation. I'm so excited! I better start searching for some good and healthy recipes. Anyone have any good ones they want to share?


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