{ Recollections Frame }

Paper: Recollections (retired) and Cranberry Crisp (retired) Accessories: On Board Accessories, True Thyme Stitched Grosgrain (retired), Cranberry Crisp Stitched Grosgrain (retired) and Mod Podge

A couple months back someone on Splitcoast mentioned some great picture frames at the Target $1 Spot, so naturally I had to go and stock up on them. I behaved myself (kinda!) and only purchased 4. What was I thinking? ONE dollar each and I only got 4? Well, I'm sure the hubby would be proud! lol.

Anyway, I just now got around to actually altering one. I decided to use the retired Recollections paper. Actually, it is still around, just in another form. SU! brought back pretty much the same design, but everything is in shades of blue, green and yellow (It is called "Porcelain Prints," if you are interested). So, I was trying to go with an antique-y/vintage-y/worn/shabby chic type look with the rough edges, frayed ribbon, slight tears and such (you may need to enlarge the picture to see what I'm talking about), but I think - in the end - it just looked like I messed up when I was making it. lol. It looks sorta unprofessional/unfinished/amateur. Oh well. I *mostly* like it and if nothing else, shows you what *not* to do!



Anonymous said...

Your work is very cool. I actually had a question regarding your frames. I was trying to find "Recollection" frames as I use themn in making my picture frames which I only recently just started. If you have any suggestions that would be great! Any creative suggestions would be very welcome as well as I am all new to this. - CK

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