{ 2 Years and Counting! }

Today is my hubby's and my 2 year anniversary. I thought that on this special occasion, I would take this opportunity to share with you the reasons why I love, respect and appreciate my partner in life.
  • He supports me completely. It doesn't matter what it is - career decisions, my (somewhat crazy and definitely expensive) hobby, weight loss, etc - if it is important to me, it's important to him. I couldn't ask for a better person to have in my corner. He truly is my "rock."

  • He's funny. He can be so goofy sometimes, and I love it. Actually, it was his sense of humor that made me begin to fall in love with him. It's a long story, but it involves me being in the ER, worried to bits and in extreme pain, but he was still able to make me laugh - now isn't that something? I'm not going to say that he is always able to do laugh, because sometimes I am just too angry, stressed or frustrated, but I really have to give him credit for always trying to make me smile.

  • He's smart. He wouldn't admit it, and he never flaunts it, but he is smart ... really smart. I've always been attracted to smart guys or guys who are really super good at something. With one guy it was English/grammar, one was theatre, one was airplanes/flight, but with my husband, it's several things - meteorology, geography, cars, math, teaching, pretty much anything he puts his mind to. The ones that I respect (and get most use of *wink*) the most are math, teaching and cars. He is a mathematician - and a pretty darn good one at that. He is well respected in his field and has several published papers. His skills are most helpful to me when I'm working on recipes and wondering how to fix a 6 person recipe for 2, when I want to get the most squares out of a 8.5 x11 sheet of paper for a swap that I am working on, or when trying to figure out how many Weight Watcher points a certain food is. I often tell him that I married a mathematician so I would never have to do math again! He works for the government right now, but used to teach math for a little while (and will be going back to that in a year or two) and was a darn good teacher. He is very inspiring and is able to break down concepts in a way that you are able to grasp it. He is very animated when he teaches which keeps the student's attention quite well. As for cars, he can fix just about any car problem that comes up. Well, if he has the right tools. It's not like we can keep an engine lift in our small townhouse or anything. But, if he can't manually do it, he at least knows *how* it is supposed to be done and can make sure that it was done correctly. I love having a man in my life that can take care of the manly things like that. I always knew that my husband would be good with cars. I'm not sure how I knew, but I did!

  • He takes out the trash and kills any/all bugs that get in the house ... enough said!
  • He's the *best* cuddler! There is nothing we like doing more on a weekend then sitting on the couch cuddling to a movie/t.v.

  • He gets along with my family. My parents simply *adore* him. I sometimes even think that my Mom likes him better than me - they just get along so well! Even my Dad, who like most Dads, feels that no one is good enough for me, likes him very much. He just fits in so well with the family. I remember after our wedding reception, my family (who is spread out all over the US and even Australia) decided that they wanted to spend more time together since they were all finally in the same city and went to an outdoor Mexican restaurant. Well, I had forgotten my purse and had to meet up with my sister to get it, so we met her at the restaurant. After seeing all my family together, I really wanted to stay (which that alone says something about how wonderful my husband is since he was willing to spend yet more time with my family rather than be alone on our first night as a married couple). So, we are hanging out with my family, and I look over and see my husband off to the side of the deck with my Pop (biological father), Dad (step-father) and brother just drinking beer and smoking cigars laughing and joking and having a good time. It was so great to see them all getting along so well, like he had just blended into my family. It meant so, so much to me.

I guess I could simply say that he is just good to me. He respects me, puts my needs (and wants) before his own, he loves me deeply and truly and he takes care of me. He could be nothing but that and I would still be a lucky woman. But since I have that in addition to all the above, I remember today that I am a really lucky woman.

I love you Sweetie, Happy Anniversary.


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