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Well, I had hoped to get into my stamping room this past weekend to get some ink on some ink-less (*shock*) sets, but it just didn't happen. It was cold, so I stayed under the covers ... all weekend. Yes, I'm a bum. Oh well. I figured that I needed to add *something* soon, so I thought that I would post some other blogs that I find of particular interest and like to keep up with.

Taylor VanBruggen keeps this blog. I just love her style. It is whimiscal and bright and fun. I want to do more work like this. I think she has a lot of fun with what she does, and it really shows.

This blog belongs to Kristina Werner. I just *love* her photography. If I could shoot pictures like she does, my scrapbooks would look so awesome ... well, once I actually scrap my photos into books! That's besides the point! My point is, I think that her photography actually *makes* the scrapbook page, not the other way around. I think that that is such a unique quality.

Linda Carnell keeps this blog. She owns Amuse Stamps (http://www.amuseartstamps.com). I don't own any of her stamps yet, but hers are the only ones that I have seen other than those made by Stampin' Up that I truly *love*. Her blog has all her latest products (which I always drool over) and has some of the cuteist (is that a word?!) cards!

This blog belongs to Julie Ebersole. I truly admire her work. Her work can be so simple that you don't feel intimidated by it. It's like, "Wow, that is so pretty, yet simple - I know can do that." Sometimes I think that we paper crafters try to over-embellish or over stamp a project to death and end up missing the simple, elegant beauty that the project could have had. Does that make sense?

This is the blog of Debbie Olsen. She is one of the best stampers that I have seen. Her work, like Julies, is very simple, elegant and beautiful!

***UPDATE*** Okay, well, I'm starting to browse more and more blogs and I can't just keep updating this one post, so as you can see, I have added a list of links over on the side of my blog. Just a bit of reorganization - hope this makes things a little easier!


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